Learn to Fly RC

We have qualified instructors in the club that donate their time to teach anyone and everyone that wants to lean to fly.

What's a good first RC Airplane?

Regardless of whether you're getting help or learning on your own, the best RC Airplane for a beginner should be stable, self correcting, and forgiving. In other words, don't go out and buy an RC jets as your first plane or any other highly unstable aerobatic plane when your just learning how to fly RC planes. This is a very common mistake made by many beginners. But you're smarter than that!

A glow powered RC trainer airplane is a good choice if you have an experienced RC pilot at your disposal. Trainers are generally larger and much more powerful than park flyers and they need a larger area to fly safely. These guys can do some major damage if crashed into something or someone. So I urge you not to try to teach yourself how to fly RC planes with a glow powered trainer. It's just not safe...

Park flyers are perfect for teaching yourself to fly RC. Their relative small size allow them to be flown safely at the local park or even your backyard if it's large enough. Made from plastic or foam, they are generally much more durable than larger trainers constructed of balsa wood.

How Airplanes Work

In order to learn how to fly RC planes, you have to understand how an airplane works. Get familiar with the different parts of an airplane and what they do.

Make sure you know how an airplane gets off the ground and how the how an airplane is controlled when it's flying

How to work the transmitter

Get familiar with the basics of the transmitter. The transmitter sends a signal to the receiver inside the airplane which in turn controls every function and control surface just as a pilot would in a real airplane.

Depending on where you live, the controls of the transmitter may be set up a little differently. Transmitter mode 2 is what most people use in the United States. Find out the difference between transmitter mode 1 and mode 2

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